End OF Days episode on my story – Alberto Daniel Hill | Wrongful Imprisonment, Cryptocurrency, Ethical Hacking

End OF Days episode on my story

Alberto Daniel Hill is a writer, hacker, and cryptocurrency expert who is involved in some serious cryptocurrency projects. He is here today to discuss his imprisonment and the media manipulation surrounding the event.  Daniel starts off by riffing a bit with Alberto. We learn a little bit about his spirit, philosophy and his approach. They talk back and forth a bit about things like Daniels favorite show Mr. Robot.  

Then Alberto begins his story. A story that includes some very foolish behavior by government and media who seemed to know very little about Cyber-Security. Alberto was working as a security consultant in the past and was basically bullied into a false confession by police that were using his closest loved ones as leverage. Alberto not only never committed the crime but was actually trying to help in the first place. The evidence was never presented but Alberto was still imprisoned.  As Daniel listens to the story a picture begins to form in his head. Combined with the fact that information online about Alberto is disappearing, Daniel connects the dots and blurts out what Alberto already knew, that there are some powerful people involved in possibly framing Alberto! 
They talk a bit about hacking, the future of Cryptocurrency and what we can all do to help ensure a better tomorrow.   http://albertohill.com/ 

 Alberto (nofear) from Uruguay 

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