Is the Dallas court house covering up evidence of grand jury fraud? Join us and find out.

Back in 2010 several inmates and I discovered a rather shocking secret the Dallas court house has tried to cover up. Let me explain.

It was discovered that an unknown person in the court was forging the grand jury foreman’s signature. This means that someone was filling the jails with fresh bodies who without a grand jury present to determine the merits of the government’s accusation against the accused.

Another disparity was discovered. Many of these indictments lacked a signature at all, while some were simply rubber stamped.

A handwriting expert examined the forged signature against the authentic signature of the foreman and determined that the former was in fact a forgery.

According to the Fifth Amendment of the US Constitution, it reads: “No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, etc…”

Inmates with affected indictments began challenging the validity of their indictments on the constitutional merits, requesting to see the jury minutes. They government, in general, made the excuse that the inconsistency wasn’t fatal to the 5th Amendment.

One inmate was removed from general population and placed in administrative segregation (AD-SEG) -like solitary confinement, without due process protections, while guards seized his legal materials and prohibited him from being able to pursue the matter further. He remained in AD-SEG for 3 months – because someone at the court house phoned the prison and arranged it.

An indictment, is by all definition, a true bill, in the same way that a check, draft, or obligation is a true bill. A check that lacks an endorsement is not valid, especially if the endorsement was forged by a 3rd party.

Aside from the clear and convincing evidence, the government’s audacity to retaliate against individuals questioning the integrity of these indictments is a key indication that there’s something they don’t want you to see, although it’s hidden in plain sight, in the public record.

Now I am out and free. My team is re-opening the case of grand jury fraud. Therefore, we are asking for legal assistance and legal protections.

Written by Ghost Exodus