January 15th, 2021

January 15th, 2021



It is January 15th, 2021 and I am still under strict treatment for my PTSD and deep depression, both caused for my prison time and the things that happened during that time that I was not able to solve and the damage caused is not something that can be repaired. What upsets me the most is that should have been avoided. It was just something the judge wanted to do, and she did it. Under normal conditions, nobody would had been sent to prison for the crimes I was accused of.


Last year I wrote two books, one in Spanish and one in English, both based on my story. I am not happy with the result of the Spanish version of it, but I love the English version as it was reviewed by an editor before being published and has much more information, and it is presented in a clearer way than the Spanish book.


I appeared on tv as “a hacker with more than 20 years of experience.” And to close the year I talked virtually in the chaos event in Germany, that was the best way to end the year.


The health of mom is not good, and that scares me the most at this moment, but I am sick at the same time and I cannot help somebody the way I should having the health problems that I have.


The treatment I am under does not solve the root causes of my problems, but after 1 year and a half of treatment, and having changed three times antidepressants, I just don’t care or think about the problems, which is good from one point of view but on the other hand, I cannot keep living like this forever.