This is just for you to have an idea of the disaster in the case

I was never granted what my lawyer asked, a second posibility to be interviewed and clarify and express what I couldn’t in the process of less than 48. Not having a chance of giving more elements about the case is terrible.

I have possibilities of escape and extremely high knowledge about computers that could alter the rest of the process.

WAIT! They call me “ALVERTO” in this document! Who is “Alverto?”

In the declarations of the medical provider it is mentioned they received THREE emailsl. In the file there is only ONE and whats in the file is the only legally admisible evidence. What the hell happen with the other two mails? They lied? they couldn’t get them? its all a lie

Wait!!! they call me “ALVARO” in the search warrant?? are you sure you arrested who you wanted to arrest or you have a mess in your mind larger than your stupidity.