For me, yes, I have a feeling things can get much worse in terms of the damage suffered. Sadly I have to say that I am pretty sure that things will get worse, and I will suffer much more damage.

At this point the process is basically frozen? Why? The justice does not know how to continue with process as they realized that my lawyer and I have been pointing out and leaving records of so many things that, should the process continue, will put the Judge, Prosecutor and Police in a very bad position. So I think that they cannot figure out how to protect themselves from that.

I was initially a trophy for the police and for the justice . Their are not used to admitting they are wrong. The are always right. They don’t want to lose this case, but they don’t know how to win neither. The don’t really understand the case, the investigation, the evidence, and freezing the case is the only thing they can do.
La jueza, ya no sabe mas que hacer con el caso del primer hacker Uruguayo procesado con prision.