The records of criminal file should include information the describes the facts exactly as they occurred, That is a must. And, if the information doesn’t reflect the real facts, and the law enforcement includes records conscientiously knowing they differ from the actual events, that is a very serious irregularity (not to use another adjective)

There is many information that does not reflect the facts as they happen. This is one of them.

Seizure record the filled in when then entered my apartment.

This documents includes the real time the police began the procedure. 11:45 am of September 10, 2017.

This is the record in the file of the case:

Record include in the file of the case

According to that document, the process began at 13:30. Why is this false information part of file the file? There are many things behind that. There is no record of the events that happened between 11:45 and 13:30. What happened in that window of time? I will explain that in another post, but, this is an example of how things in the file do not represent the truth and how everything was manipulated.

I can tell you that during those almost 2 hours where there are no records, I was handcuffed and we did not sat to drink some coffee and talk about soccer. No, that doesn’t happen in these situations, I can guarantee you that.