My name is Alberto Daniel Hill. I live in Montevideo, Uruguay. My linkedin profile is:

My twitter username is @AdanielHill

My address, phone number, and other personal information, documents, etc are going to be sent to those who decide to get involved in this project.

This is my story in a 40-minutes podcast:

What is the objective? Make my case the tool to make the justice system in Uruguay change. Make a system that has flaws, that does not give any guarantee of a fair process to anyone in a case where digital evidence is involved, where an investigation related to technology related crimes is performed by people without any knowledge about how to handle those kind of investigations, can make anyone live a nightmare.

This is going to be manages a project based on the PMI framework. I need funds in order to execute plan to hack the system. I have an objective. I am planing.

Some tasks are not going to be public as doing that would give me some competitive disadvantage.

I will be creating a book about my case. That would not only generate funds but it would also be a way of getting all the information, evidence, documents, etc, related to the case in order to have a flawless source of information regarding the case for Journalists / International organizations / others willing to collaborate in this cause.

I will be generating weekly video interactive broadcasts covering topics related to the project. Your help, interaction, feedback, will be a perfect input to manage the project, while planning and while monitoring and executing

Civil actions are going to be taken against the government of Uruguay for their liability of all my loses due to their actions. Only taking into account cryptocurrencies lost due to not giving me back a cellular with google authenticator made lose all my cryptocurrencies in ex btc-e are valued in USD 100.000,00 at May 2018 values.

Other direct loses caused by the violation of my rights (and many other actions or lack of actions of the system) are valued in an additional 100.000,00 USD.

Other damages, have been caused. All the documents related to them as well as a complete access to the file of the case is going to be make available and released to the public.

I will soon be publishing information on how you can collaborate on this project. The economical information regarding the funds that will be obtained after the process are just for your to know how much my budget would be. I want to change the system. Money is a must to take actions, but money is not the objective. The objective is improve a system that is pathetic and that can destroy the life of many innocent people. The objective, is to have a system where people can have a fair process.

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